A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You're a cupid that cares nothing else about other than playing cool new games.  You have the power to guide game devs into other game devs and have them crash into eachother to create the perfect game dev team!

Get as much DIFFERENT kinds of people to follow you before the 20 second timer runs out. At the end of the time you will get most points for diverse combos. Try not to get killed by the angry mob.

Julia Rässa - Game Design, Animation

Dinh Tuan Anh - Environment Design

Le Nam Anh - Character & UI Design

Xiaoxiao Ma - Programming

Olli Ketonen - Music & Sound


GeekyCupic_Beta1.0_Windows.zip 17 MB
GeekyCupic_Beta1.0_Mac.app.zip 24 MB


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Hey! I just played your game today and it's great! Took me a minute to get a hang of what I was actually supposed to do, but once I did it was addicting! The game graphics are really cute. Nicely done!

Here's my gameplay:

https://youtu.be/BmWth9rPUVs (Will be available 9/21/17 at 9am CST)

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Hey, game designer of the  dev team here!

Glad you enjoyed our game and thanks for the video! We made this for the Pocket Jam 2 at the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki conference in less than 28 hours and it was hella fun!